My name is for my friends.

Let's be friends.

The person who opened this computer lab didn’t turn on all the lights. That’s normal; you don’t need them all on and it wastes electricity. Some guy decided it bothered him. He approached me and I stood, “How can I help, sir?” “Why the lights off?” Most of the questions I get have something to do with… computers. Confused, I said, “Because no one turned them on this morning? What do you mean sir?” He got mad because he thought I was being snarky. Later he got mad because he thought I was mocking him when I called him “sir.” So then he redirected the entire conversation to why was I being “disrespectful” toward him, when I wasn’t. I was confused and trying hard to be polite, in turn. I tried to return the conversation to something remotely applicable, and explained that when I come in, I check the printers and the computers and after that, everything else is secondary. The lights are normally partially off so I don’t even think about that. He accused me of not knowing how to run a lab, saying that because the lights were off, people wouldn’t think that the lab was open, regardless of the large door being propped open and the sign with lab hours right by the door. “So when it’s 11 o clock at night in here, those lights are still off just cause no on turned them on?” It was almost like he wanted to speak on the philosophy of turning on a light. It’s also worth mentioning that he’d been on a computer for about a half hour before this point, so somehow, and I’ll never know how, he did ascertain that the lab was open. Genius.

One of those days.